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 She Returns, Open to anyone ^^;
 Posted: Aug 17 2016, 02:38 PM
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Curglaff (n.) the shock felt in bathing, when one first plunges into the cold water {Scots}

Lilitu saw the urgency in her friend's eyes and knew that she was very aware of the dangers of even attempting to visit the feline side of the islands, but Lilitu also knew that despite all of her protesting, she would still go. Memphis may have been a stealthy wolf, but the two of them knew just how keep the hearing of a cat was. It was almost impossible to move without being detected by one of the furry freaks. If you wish to be with me, then so be it.

Lilitu was no fool, she knew Memphis had no intention of taking her with to visit the felines, because she knew that the likelihood of Lilitu keeping her temper under wraps was next to nothing. She didn't say a word, deciding instead to let the she-wolf believe Lilitu couldn't tell when she was lying. The smells of the marsh grew closer and closer, tempting her to break out into a run to find her homeland once more. Her paws itched as they fell on ever-increasing familiar ground. Perhaps not as much had changed like she originally thought.

I will be rounding an end to my course past the falls, The pack is still tucked away within the Lucifer's Marsh, and as soon as I return, we will begin tactics on battle and protection against the big cats. A massive grin spread across the Talos' face, her eyes crinkling at the corners. She knew Memphis would come around at some point. Maybe the maned she-wolf was lying to Lilitu and telling her that she would wait to travel to Topazus with her but at least this made up for it a little bit.

Embrace your travels home, sister. Lilitu dipped her head in a sign of acknowledgment and respect. "Return safe to us, Memphis." The wolfess murmured as she felt the cool of the other's nose press against her forehead, just between her eyes. She offered her friend a lopsided grin as she raised her great skull again, masking the worry that wormed its way into the pit of her stomach. Turning tail, she took a slight right to head toward the old caves where the Family once resided. It was time to meet the rest of the pack and begin surveying what she had to work with. She just hoped it would be enough to protect these lands from the vile felines.

Letting out a low breath, the midnight lupine slipped in between the mossy trees guarding the outskirts of the swamp, blending in with the darkness as she weaved her way home for the first time in many a year.

"Lilitu growls"
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