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 Ebrietas Dynasty, Rules, Ranks & Descriptions
Ser Marxos
 Posted: Apr 24 2016, 08:53 PM
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For hundreds of years felines of all shape and size have lived in common peace upon Topazus Isle. Founded by the scholarly Vosso Ebrietas and led to this day by his progenitors, it has become itself a hall of high learning and cultural richness. With no need to war, the cats of Topazus turned to the mastery of knowledge, and if it is knowledge that you too seek, outsider, we welcome you warmly.

i We are a Dynasty, as such the line of leadership succession is passed on through the Ebrietas family from parent to child or occasionally to a sibling, niece/nephew or close cousin if the leader has no children. Only rarely is a trusted non family member allowed to step up as Regent, until proper Ebrietas kin can be appointed.

ii The Shogun is sole leader of the Dynasty and may be male or female but must be of Ebrietas blood. Their mate can hold any rank in the Dynasty but will always be included in the Lord Council and is respected well above their station.

iii The Dynasty is a peaceable community, as such the arts, spirituality and all teachings are held with the highest honor. Sensei (teachers) are to be respected, and all youth - along with new members - are known as Gakusei (student) and must attend classes in the history and the ways of the Dynasty before they can take up a proper rank.

iv Fighting is discouraged. But when a dispute cannot be solved with words, setting up a spar judged by a higher ranking member is healthy and vital alternative that allows members to let out pent up aggressions or work out grudges.

v All members of this society are to be treated with respect. Crimes against one another or even outsiders is unacceptable and the severity of your crimes will be reflected in your punishment.

vi Members are encouraged to love freely, be it finding a mate or having a fling. In accordance to the above rule, forced mating or sexual assault are considered crimes akin to murder and are punished with the most severity.

vii The Dynasty is a progressive place, as such, creatures of all sexualities and gender identities (or lack-thereof) are treated as any other would be. Discrimination is looked down upon.

viii Though having a prevailing council, the Dynasty is still considered a democracy of opinions. As such all members of society are encouraged to voice theirs, as long as they do so with respect and research.

The Body
Shogun - Kosm Ebrietas

Daiymo of War - Tenzin Ashera

Daiymo of Peace -

Eruda -


Daiymo's Second -

Samurai - Andrastos Azrael


Sensei - Kaleem Abdur-Rasheed

Gakusei - Xolani Ebrietas


Acolyte -

Chiryo-Shi -


Artisan - Xolotl

Singer -

Dancer -

Starseer - Sena

Rank Descriptions

Shogun - Leader of the Dynasty; A descendant of Vosso Ebrietas. (Limit: 1)

Daiymo of War - Head of the Samurai, charged with managing defence of the Dynasty, rooting out criminals and training new recruits. They act as councillor to the Shogun. (Limit: 1)

Daiymo of Peace - Overseer of learning and the arts. Where the Sensei are teachers, the Daiymo acts as a sort of principal and ensures that the next generation as well as all new members receive the proper education to be fully fledged members of this society. A councillor to the Shogun. (Limit: 1)

Saiin - Head Priestess, spiritual leader. This is the only rank which is exclusively reserved for females as they are revered as symbols of communion with the gods. Not only does she lead her Acolytes in the teachings of the spirits she also oversees the Dynasty Healers. (Limit: 1)

Eruda - Respected elders of the Dynasty, many have long since laid down their trades for a life of relaxation and passing on their wisdom. Elders are often included in council meetings for their sage advice. (Limit: ∞)


Daiymo's Second - Since the Daiymo of War has many duties and cannot be in two places at once, their Second acts as their deputy and oversees the going ons of the Samurai when the Daiymo cannot. (Limit: 1)

Samurai - Noble defenders of the Isle of Topazus, trained in the arts of war and diffusion. Capable in one-on-one combat as well as group battle they are most renown for their guerrilla tactics, utilizing the thick jungle to disorientate opponents and launch unseen strikes. A samurai is expected to exemplify restraint, tact and chivalry. (Limit: 10)


Sensei - They are the teachers, tasked with passing on the annals of knowledge to the next generation of young. Some may specialize in many subjects, while others may focus on but a few. The limits on what can be taught and learned in the Dynasty are boundless. (Limit: 3-4)

Gakusei - A dual-use term it applies to not only Dynasty youth but new members as well. It essentially means Student and these members are expected to attend classes to learn and grow so that they may go on to choose their own path in life.(Limit: ∞)


Acolyte - Humble servants of the gods and the spirits of nature. Under the guidance of the Saiin they dedicate themselves to meditation and the unravelling of arcane mysteries that even their primitive sciences cannot explain. Acolytes are identifiable by the necklaces they wear made up of sinew and a single jagged chunk of the Father-Eye stone hanging from it.(Limit: 5)

Chiryo-Shi - They are, in short, healers. These felines can identify and utilize herbs, muds, mosses, funguses and any other variety of naturally occurring substances for the purposes of mending body and mind. They can cure what ails ye. Healers wear a necklace much like the Acolytes yet it is a choker bearing (Limit: 5)


Artisan - Artists at their finest, they are able to produce works of fancy with but their teeth and claws. Their tools are limited yet they produce some of the finest crafts in all of Traum using the gemstones that occur naturally on the isle. Necklaces, earrings, crowns, tail-rings are but a few items that can be produced by these experts. Their true power lay in their artistic freedom. (Limit: 5)

Bard - Their voices could charm the gods from the heavens themselves. These singers fill the air of Topazus with their song day and night. The folks of the Dynasty celebrate readily and often and Bards make up an important aspect of any gathering, lending fancy to any occasion.(Limit: 5)

Dancer - Bodies that move with liquid grace, Dancers have been known to train just as much as Samurai in order to perfect their styles. Along with Bards they are vital instruments in any celebration, usually accompanying their songs with gorgeous dances. (Limit: 5)

Starseer - The study of the night sky and all of it's mysteries is something that has joined both the spiritual and scientific aspect of learning for the longest of times. Starseers gaze into the movement of the constellations and the planets and attempt to make sense of them. They are known to be the most mysterious of the cats of the Dynasty.(Limit: 5)


time line history details here


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