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 Posted: Apr 12 2016, 12:38 PM
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• Guidebook •

I. Welcome to Dare We Dream?, a wild canine (wolf driven) and big cat roleplay. We are open-plot, semi-realistic and an island setting based site. Please be aware of general rules and the customs we have gathered to allow this site to run. It should be quite obvious that any disrespect of a member will result in warnings, up to and including discharge.

II. If you have any questions please refer to the F.A.Q. page or feel free to ask a staff member. Our staff team is here to help the site stay on its toes and keep it running smooth. However what they say goes, as they are here to keep the site safe and fun.

III. We are a separate account site, therefore you have ONE ooc account with single accounts for each character. To make a character you must register with your character's name and other basics, fill out an application and post it in the character creation board. A staff member will review the application before you are allowed to post with your character. Be sure to update your thread/character tracker once accepted. And if you have the time and audacity to make 10+ characters, than by all means, go ahead. Remember at first, you can only have a single big cat character (second's can be purchased with site currency), you can have as many wolves as you'd like though. Make sure all images used for your characters are stock images and/or within the creative commons. Using copyrighted images is prohibited!

IV. We accept ALL wolf species, including sub species/similar such as Maned wolves, African wild dog and other wild dogs. Because the island is no longer inhabited by humans, wolves lifespans have increased to 20 years max. As for the feline species (wild cats) you can find Jaguars, Mountain Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Lions and Leopards and other wild cats (not domestic). The cats here can live to a 26 year max. More information on these species and their biology can be found here.

V. The cbox is for conversing and keeping in touch, please do not bring drama along with it. The cbox costs money to run and should be used as a zone of comfort for friends and family. Spamming and advertising will result in being temporarily banned, further notices will equal permanent ban. (Thank you sage♥)

VI. We have a 100 word count minimum here. Please challenge yourself, be original and keep up with the pace of your fellow role-player. First person and Third person role playing is accepted! Remember to keep to a correct posting order and allow your character liquid time. And every time you post, your account will gain 'dares' which is our currency to buy items and other great things for your character! Here is the site store!

VII. Fighting between characters should be determined before the start of or mid-way through a thread, however if members cannot come to a conclusion, please have a staff member judge your threads. The staff member will then create a open-single vote poll for OOC accounts to vote the winner at the end of the thread. Birthing and Breeding will be always open, unless the site would like it more specific. Hunting threads may be intervened by a staff member with a 'mother nature' account, makes things more interesting. Be sure to claim your dares for certain threads and shop items in the Site Claims.

VIII. Creating a pack requires a hand full of standards, most importantly Alpha activity. Your Alpha/Alphess character must be active and able to post at least twice a week with a minimum of 15 total posts before trial. Beyond that, your Alpha must have at least three followers, who are also generally active. Submit your pack's name, purpose, rules and hierarchy to THIS THREAD when applying for an open pack position and we will get to updating your pack's information!

IX. Understanding the nature of wolves and big cats and how they interact is half the fun. Large cats have lived on the southern island (Topazus) for nearly a decade and just recently are deciding to explore the main island, Traum, thanks to the new sand bridge that links them. As for wolves, they used to live on Traum before they were forced to move north to the northern island (Glacium). Now that Traum is habitable again, the wolves are returning- but are now coming face to face with large felines for the first time. Wild cats are naturally more athletic and flexible, not to mention their infamous claws- THEREFORE each member is allowed ONLY ONE large cat character (at first, until purchased) With time, dares and agreement, we will allow you to make another cat character. However wolves are a free for all, as they must stay together and hunt together to live well.

X. Appearances for your critters can vary! Generally we prefer more natural / realistic colors and patterns. (Sorry, no wings/horns/etc.) However we are open to mystical markings and color variations through ooc purchase via Site Catalog! (You must buy this item from the store before you make said character, unless another member is willing to loan the item in return of repaid dares.) As for the eyes, your character can have any color eye they would like (; Also PLEASE NOTE these islands were once inhabited by humans but THEY NO LONGER EXIST anywhere near the Traum islands anymore! But this explains the man built ruins in the southern island and other ancient trinkets and tools that can be found around the islands (items such as jewelry must be purchased from site store also.) The store offers more information and offers, so be sure to check it out to understand.

XI. Familiars are available for purchase in the site store also. Familiars are a small creature of your choice that can accompany your character. For example as your wolf walks around, their raven familiar can fly ahead and return to let you know what they have seen ALAS telepathy between your character and familiar is also available for purchase!

Disclaimer. Dare We Dream is a remake/revamp of a wolf role play site created by Serena Beth © 2009 - 2011. This site is based IC 5 years later also.

last updated : 09/01/16

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