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 the SKULLDUGGERY OATH, wolves of the marsh
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 Posted: Apr 25 2016, 07:58 AM
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W☠lves ☠f the Marsh
Tucked away at the bottom of the Moonlit mountains, a semi-salt filtered marsh eerily sits. Near the mountains are lush flowing fields of red tinted grasses that fade into cat tails. Farther down to flat land will result in thick marsh lands, possible elbow deep waters that reflect the red hue of the old Lucifer lands. Queens blood runs thick here, and to those whom are unfamiliar will note the area to be foreboding and intolerable.

To those whom are home, the darkness will become your cosset.

Lucifer's Law
"To the Oath, I pledge my soul... Lucifer's Will I eternally know. Protect thy blood of thou kin, for there shall be no greater sin. May the darkness pull you into his embrace, blessed are those under the Queen's grace,"

i **At this time, Lucifer adores his Queens. Without females, we are useless and without hope. Simply they are creators, therefore goddess' of the world. In the Skullduggary pack, females have a step up above the males. The most formidable respect will be given to your queens of the pack as they are our mothers.

ii. If a wolf should trespass into the marsh, they will likely be threatened, chased off or killed. Those seeking refuge and/or acceptance must first be taken in by the pack as a subordinate.

iii. High council holds the greatest respect and dominance in the pack. The Queen's are supreme leaders and hold the key to the pack's future.

iv. A home for the lost, forgotten and misunderstood. We are here for each other and no one else. Do not betray your pack, or face Lucifer's spite. Pillaging and raping within the pack is prohibited.

Many Hearts, One Beat
Monarch Queen → Luciel Loreley
Queen Mother → Memphis Vory V Zakone

Kralice → n/a
Krall → n/a

Talos → Lilitu Artemiev

Centria → Dexerous
Centurio → n/a

Prima → n/a
Primus → n/a

Scullia → Izidoro Hawthorne

Magister → n/a
Apostle → n/a

Callows → n/a
Odium → n/a

Monarch/King & Queen → Above all, reigning active Alpha/Alphess. hc

Queen Mother → Equal to Alpha/Alphess in leadership. hc

Kralice/Krall → Next in line for Alphaship, Kin of Monarchs. c

Talos → Head warrior, pack protector. hc

Centria/Centurio → Betas, in trust to the Monarchs. hc

Prima/Primus → Gammas, head hunters & scouts of the pack. c

Scullia → See's to high council's simple-personal needs, however still respected as a Centria rank.

Magister → Highly Respected wolves for wisdom and experience (elders), teacher and story teller of pack. c

Apostle → Bulk of the pack, mid-ranked wolves. All mandatory warriors and hunters.

Callows → Pups or omega, the pack's way of relieving stress. Always welcome to the pack for protection and comfort, but often seen as useless, yet to mature.

Odium → Enslaved or those whom have broken Lucifer's law.

c=council, hc=high council

skul·dug·ger·y (noun) : underhanded or unscrupulous behavior; trickery.

The righteous side of hell
seven years ago (2009) Kirill Vory V Zakone, had a vision for a home, for a family. He was a wolf of his word, brutal and intense, yet they were enthralled by him. From the darkest crests' they appeared, slithering there way into Kirill's paws. Beside Kirill in this time of rule was Memphis, the Lucifer Queen that enchanted their hearts and loved them all dearly. They all became united in kinhood and indulged in the luxuries of pack hood and each other's presence.

But it did not last long, for Kirill had a ghost of the past haunting him. Dragunov Solokov was a ruthless demon who rose from the flames of hatred and revenge... Long tale short, the war that was brought upon from Dragunov and his Order of the Black Stag was the ethical reason for Traum's fortuitous fall.

2016 **Years have passed, Memphis has left and traveled many, many lands. However she had returned at a wondrous time, for her throne has been beckoning her return. Welcome home, thy Queens, for Memphis holds a youthful key of power with her- Luciel Razakel Lorelei, a demon all her own.

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