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ℓubear ☮
 Posted: Apr 14 2016, 12:00 PM
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'these mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.'
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• F.A.Q. •

What's the word count? 100 words per post, however we encourage the same pace as your fellow role player that you're threading with.

Youngest and oldest my character can be? We've extended the lives of the wolves to better match big cats in real life. Alas Wolves ages 1 - 3 are still very young and pup-like, 2 - 7 a young adult, 8 - 12 prime adult, 13 - 16 older adult and 17 - 20 elder.

Why can I only have one wild cat? Big cats have a physical advantage over wolves, plus this site and island was originally reigned by wolves. Keeping the wolf to cat ratio around 1:3 is ideal to give the wolf packs a better advantage of staying even. Another cat character can be purchased in the site store however!

Can I be a staff member? If we hold auditions, then you can apply for such. However staff members are generally chosen prior to the site opening for the sake of experience and team quality. (in this case, most of the staff members have known each other for 3+ years.)

Can I have wings or breathe fire? Much to sage's sorrow, we do not. We are semi-realistic in which our characters are already excelled creatures in thinking. The big cats are practicing on their artisan skills and both species are able to conduct themselves in a human like manner. Instincts are still primal, however.

How many characters can I have? If you can handle the characters you have, have the time and patience to keep them active, you are welcome to have as many as you'd wish. Please let us know when to move unused / dead characters to archives.

How many threads can I be in? As many as you can keep up with. It's not fair to start a thread with someone and then become too busy to ever respond, now is it? We understand very well life comes first, but if you're going to be gone for a period of time, please post in the OOC boards! Also be aware of liquid time, for example, 'Bob is in a thread with Sally. To Sally, Bob is just another member of the pack. However in another, more recent thread Bob is becoming Alpha, but it is unknown to Sally at this time in their current thread.' Finish out what you're role playing prior to status / event changes. If you do not understand, please ask a staff member.
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