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 Posted: Apr 16 2016, 10:14 AM
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Dare To Dream 2009 - 2011

♦ Traum once was a lone island, brimming with ambitious wolf packs and rogue adventure. Many wolves grew infamous with their plots of domination, that of which the last group got farther than any of the others. The Order pillaged the island, with intentions of cleansing it to make it their very own. In a way, perhaps The Order got what they wanted... for most of the wolves were killed during this time, lightening struck and burned a large amount of the island. With so much decay and havoc, the island was over exposed to disease and despair. Remaining wolves were forced to swim toward main lands that were up to a 100 miles away or they simply merged to the small northern island as one (Glacium). Big cats were not around Traum at this time, nor were the wolves aware of the southern island (Topazus).

Site Opening 4/20/16

♦ It has been five treacherous years since the collapse of Traum. Peace and prosperity was just beginning to take root throughout this wondrous Once, Deathisland for the wolves before power and revenge took the reigns. Fire and disease plagued the land, leaving half of the woodlands scorched and all of Traum uninhabitable... If you were not killed during this time of terror, than you fled. Fleeing in to the waters or to the northern ice-ridden island of Glacium, from the clamor of death and distress. Many silently prayed to Fenrir to be blessed with distractions from this calamity as wolves were forced to adapt to the tundra like island.

A small vine of green twitches with life, the tip is just a dot of white. A couple more weeks and the entire everfall field would be swarmed with enticing daisies. Now, Life Give it a morning or two, and a fawn and her young will graze among these wildflowers... Traum has been reborn, despite many woodland areas that remain damaged from wildfire. "Destruction after all is a form of creation." Wolves will soon learn the fruitful main island has once again began to burgeon. Yet have the wolves learned a lesson? Surely not, as any of us refuse to dull our dreams.

However these wolves are in for a surprise, for another four legged creature has been taking heed to Traum... Topazus isle, just south of Traum has bee a haven for big cats for generations. These mysterious felines and stubborn wolves have yet to meet one another, as Traum has just become safe again. But these two different creatures are bound to become a hassle for one another.

last updated : 09/01/16

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